What Is The IGNOU Way Of Paper Checking?

IGNOU Exam Checking

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is celebrated for its adaptable and comprehensive strategy for preparing, introducing a plenty of advisers for different researchers. With a devotion to bestowing incredible tutoring through distance learning, IGNOU has done a special arrangement of paper checking that separates it from customary physical foundations. In this pamphlet, we dig into the IGNOU way of paper checking, investigating the techniques, procedures, and basic methods of reasoning that oversee the assessment of understudies’ exhibitions.


Decentralized Evaluation Centers:

One of the distinctive features of IGNOU’s paper-checking gadget is its decentralized evaluation centers. Unlike conventional universities, where centralized examination facilities are the norm, IGNOU operates through a network of nearby and sub-regional centers. These facilities play an essential function in the evaluation process, receiving and assessing answer scripts from students within their respective jurisdictions.


The decentralized version no longer only allows quicker turnaround times, but additionally ensures that the assessment is contextualized to the nearby instructional landscape, thinking of local variations and nuances.


Evaluation Guidelines and Criteria:

IGNOU maintains a rigorous set of assessment recommendations and standards to ensure consistency and equity in the paper-checking process. The university provides unique commands to evaluators, outlining the parameters for assessing answer scripts. This consists of unique standards for marking, such as the intensity of information, clarity of expression, and adherence to the prescribed layout.


The use of rubrics and grading schemes enables standardization of the assessment process, minimizing subjectivity and promoting transparency. By actually defining the expectations for each stage of performance, IGNOU targets creating a level playing discipline for students from various backgrounds.


Use of Technology:

While IGNOU embraces the standards of open and distance-gaining knowledge, it is not oblivious to the benefits of technology in improving performance. The university employs the paper-checking method to streamline operations and maintain accuracy.


Online submission of answer scripts, virtual evaluation gear, and automatic systems for end-result compilation are several technological interventions integrated into the IGNOU manner of paper checking. This not only hastens the evaluation procedure but also reduces the probability of mistakes related to coping with them.


Double Evaluation System:

In addition, to ensure the reliability of the evaluation technique, IGNOU adopts a double assessment gadget. Under this system, every answer script is assessed independently by specific evaluators. In the event of a sizable discrepancy between the ratings offered, a third assessment is conducted to reconcile the variations.


The double evaluation machine is a strong mechanism to mitigate the effect of character biases and mistakes, fostering accuracy and fairness in the overall evaluation. It aligns with IGNOU’s dedication to imparting credible and sincere opinions to its college students.


Feedback Mechanism:

Unlike the traditional model where college students regularly acquire minimum comments on their performance, IGNOU places a sturdy emphasis on supplying constructive feedback. The college believes in the developmental aspect of evaluation, viewing remarks as a device for college students to apprehend their strengths and regions of improvement.


Evaluators at IGNOU are endorsed to offer unique comments on answer scripts, highlighting each commendable aspect and region requiring attention. This student-centric approach contributes to an effective mastering experience, permitting college students to recognize the evaluation standards and enhance their academic capabilities.


Incorporating practical components:

Recognizing the importance of realistic abilities in lots of disciplines, IGNOU incorporates practical additives into its assessment methods. Whether it is a laboratory-based science direction or a fieldwork-extensive social technology program, the university ensures that the evaluation goes past theoretical expertise.


The practical additives are designed to assess college students’ use of theoretical ideas in real-world situations. This now not only complements the relevance of the education furnished using IGNOU but also prepares college students for realistic, demanding situations in their respective fields.


Timely Declaration of Results:

Timeliness is a vital factor in the IGNOU manner of paper checking. The college is committed to asserting effects within an inexpensive time frame to decrease uncertainty for college students. The efficient management of solution scripts, the usage of technology, and the decentralized assessment facilities together contribute to the spark-off statement of results.




In the end, the IGNOU manner of paper checking stands as a testament to the college’s commitment to excellence, accessibility, and equity in schooling. The decentralized assessment centers, comprehensive suggestions, use of era, double evaluation system, comment mechanisms, and incorporation of sensible additives collectively contribute to a robust evaluation manner.


As IGNOU continues to conform in response to the changing landscape of training, its unique approach to paper checking remains a cornerstone in making sure that students receive first-class training that goes past traditional obstacles. The emphasis on remarks and sensible components displays an imaginative and prescient outlook, positioning IGNOU as a pioneer within the realm of open and distance learning.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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