IGNOU Exam Marking Scheme 2022

  • Numerous scholars gets confused of IGNOU’s minimal grades with passing marks in order to qualify for the program. After enrolling in IGNOU, each pupil wants to clarify the grades needed to pass the proposition and practical examinations of the final examinations.
  • I would like to be clear about the end marks, but this doesn’t mean that you’re ready to just bear that you pass the test. So study hard to get the top score in the IGNOU final examinations.  Then we’ve made it easier to understand the exact note you want to pass the program from IGNOU.

    marking scheme

What’s the passing score of the IGNOU test All Program-


What is the minimal grade for the IGNOU Assignment 2022?

Campaigners must score 40 out of a aggregate of 100 to pass the IGNOU task. The grades given will be equal for all IGNOU academic courses. However, the factual task must be begrudge to IGNOU, If the seeker has not achieved the minimal score on the IGNOU task.

Marks to pass the IGNOU test at the end of the 2022 semester ..


  • still, you need to get at least 40 out of 100 marks to ameliorate quality, If you want to pass a master’s degree idea or practical work.
  • For a bachelorette’s degree and all other programs, the needed end score is 35 out of 100 on the TEE

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IGNOU’s other passing scores

The Questionnaire has 70 marks, and campaigners must achieve at least 25 marks within the exam. However, the seeker must achieve at least 18 points to pass the bachelorette’s degree test and at least 20 marks to pass the master’s degree test, If the aggregate of the discourses is 50 marks.
Hopefully you have fluently acquired the passing knowledge needed to qualify at the end of this Ignou marking scheme composition.


IGNOU Grading Scheme..

The assignments weighs 30. You must score 50 of the assignments to be considered as pass. However, please resubmit it again, If not.

The scale paper weighs 70. To pass the theoretical test, you need to get 35 of the marks. However, pass the test again, If not.

For example. Subject code: BSHF 101: Theoretically,

I got 51/100 (pass) (70/100 * 51 = 35.7)

Obtained 75/100 (pass) in the assignment (30/100 * 75 = 22.5)

BSHF 101 total score: 35.7 + 22.5 = 58.2

Rounded to the nearest integer = 58


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