Can I use a calculator for the IGNOU BCom Maths and Accounts Exams?


I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) application presented by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the July 2023 academic session. As I put together for the upcoming tests, one of the key questions on my mind is whether I can use a calculator all through the Maths and Accounts examination.


Why a Calculator May Be Helpful?


Subjects like mathematics and accounting require quite a few numerical calculations and troubleshooting. A calculator may be very accessible to quickly solve complex computations and ensure accuracy. For college students like me who are not very fast at intellectual math, having a calculator can help them save time during the examination and avoid stupid calculation mistakes. It permits me to focus more on conceptual software and evaluation. Many aggressive assessments intended for careers in commerce and accounting additionally permit the use of a fundamental calculator. Getting used to using a calculator during tests can help me carry out better in those exams too.


Rules Regarding Calculators in IGNOU BCom Exams


Unfortunately, IGNOU’s examination guidelines truly limit the usage of calculators throughout the BCom exams. The regulations state that no calculator, mobile telephone, or some other digital system is permitted within the exam hall.” This coverage applies to all subjects, together with math and accounting, where a calculator would be extraordinarily beneficial. IGNOU strictly enforces this rule and frisks students before allowing them access to the exam center to ensure certain compliance. If stuck with the usage of a calculator or other gadgets, a disciplinary motion may be taken that may even lead to the cancellation of the exam.


Rationale Behind IGNOU’s No-Calculator Policy


IGNOU appears to comply with this strict no-calculator coverage to ensure examination integrity and save you from malpractice. The use of advanced image calculators or other gadgets with statistics and internet connectivity can allow dishonesty. Students might also shop for examination notes or formulas on such devices. Hence, banning calculators altogether eliminates this loophole. Moreover, IGNOU’s BCom curriculum focuses more on conceptual readability instead of complicated, wide-variety crunching. The math questions are designed in such a way that they can be solved successfully without a calculator. Relying too much on calculators may also prevent college students from developing strong fundamental math talents.


How I Plan to Manage Without a Calculator


While the no-calculator rule does fear me, I plan to prepare for this reason and practice doing guide calculations. I will remedy many pattern math questions and double-test my hand calculations to grow to be faster and more accurate. Where required, I’ll write down vital formulas, squares, cubes, etc. on a sheet in the course of the examination for reference. For accounting issues, I’ll revise theoretical principles thoroughly so I can hopefully clear up application-based questions even without a calculator. Regular mock checks will help enhance my mental math talents. With diligent practice, I am assured I can excel in the BCom Maths and Accounts tests without a calculator.




In conclusion, IGNOU prohibits the use of calculators in all BCom tests, inclusive of math and accounting. Though this adds to the exam trouble, with strong conceptual readability and adequate practice, it is surely viable to effectively clear the assessments and flourish academically. Proper time management and checking calculations are keys.


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