What are the passing marks for IGNOU diploma courses?

IGNOU diploma courses

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers various degree programs in various streams across India. IGNOU’s diploma programs are a popular choice among students looking for affordable and flexible learning options. An important factor that students consider when seeking admission to IGNOU for any program is the criteria and marks required to complete the degree. This article provides an overview of marks for passing IGNOU diploma courses.

Overall graduation criteria

For all IGNOU diploma programs, students must achieve an aggregate of 40%, or grade D, to pass the program. This overall passing grade applies to the overall grades for all semesters and years of the degree program. In addition, students must also pass all individual courses with at least 35% marks or a grade of D.

Exams at the end of the semester

The main evaluation system of IGNOU is based on semester examinations held at the end of each semester or academic year. To pass an IGNOU diploma course, students must secure at least 35% or a D grade in the final examination for that course. The total number of points for the final exams is 100 for most courses.

Therefore, if the course has 70 points at the end of the semester, students must achieve at least 35%, i.e., 25 points (35 points x 70/100). The remaining 30 marks in this course are usually from assignments, projects, practical exams, etc. Even in these sections, students must score at least 35% to pass.

Practical exams

Some IGNOU diploma programs, especially in streams like engineering, computer applications, etc., have practical exams worth 50–100 marks per course. To pass the practical part of these courses, students must achieve a minimum of 35%, i.e., 18 to 35 points, depending on the total number of points from practice. This is in addition to the 35% required in the theory term paper for this course.


Assignments are a critical part of the IGNOU Diploma Evaluation System. Each course has one or more tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) worth a total of 20–30 marks. To pass the assignment portion of any course, students must score at least 35% of the marks, which would be 7 to 11 marks depending on the total grade of the assignment. Submission of assignments is mandatory for graduation from the diploma program.

Project work

Several diploma programs at IGNOU include project work or report writing as part of the curriculum. The project is usually worth 50–100 points and assesses the student’s practical understanding of the concepts learned during the program. To pass the project part of the IGNOU diploma, students must score at least 35% marks in the project, which would be 18 to 35 marks.

Admission fee in IGNOU

In short, to be eligible for an IGNOU diploma program, a student must:

  • The overall passing score is 40%, or grade D, for all semesters or years.
  • Individually complete all subjects in the program with a minimum score of 35% or grade D.
  • Obtain at least 35% marks or a grade of D in the semester examinations of each course.
  • Pass practical exams with 35% marks wherever possible.
  • Complete the task component by scoring 35% in the TMA.
  • Secure a minimum of 35% marks for passing the project or report, if included.

Despite the many components involved, the assessment system is designed fairly to allow students to progress through the degree through the latest enhancements and re-exams, even if they initially fail some courses or exams. Students seeking admission to IGNOU diplomas should go through these graduation criteria thoroughly before enrolling.

Compilation of grades for specific diploma programs

While the overall passing standard is common, overall grades, exams, and other weightings vary according to the structure of each particular degree program.

For example,

PG Diploma in Computer Applications: Total Marks: 1200

Final exams: 700 points (min. 35% in each course)

Practical exams: 200 points (min. 35% total)

Tasks: 300 points (min. 35% total)

PG Diploma in Tourism Management: Total points: 3600

Exams at the end of the semester: 1800 points

Practical on-site: 600 points

Project report: 600 marks

Tasks: 600 points

The common pass criterion of 35% in each component and 40% overall remains unchanged. Students seeking admission to IGNOU for any particular degree should check the assessment program to understand the weights.

The best of five relaxations

IGNOU currently provides ‘Best of Five’ relaxation to students who pass the criteria for certain programs. Under this relaxation, the total percentage of points is calculated based on the best scores in any combination of five courses. Therefore, if a student scores low in 1 or 2 courses, the Best of Five rule will exclude those lower scores from the calculation of the cumulative grades if the student scored 35% in those courses. This improves their overall success rate.

This relaxation only applies to certain programs. Hence, it is beneficial for students to inquire about their eligibility for the best of five before seeking admission to the IGNOU degree of their choice.


In conclusion, IGNOU has clearly defined criteria for the successful evaluation of students enrolled in various postgraduate and undergraduate diploma programs across streams. Awareness of the applicable passing marks can help students create realistic expectations and the required effort to complete their chosen degree from IGNOU through the distance learning mode. Along with the flexibility, prospective diploma students need to consider the IGNOU graduation standards while deciding to take admission at IGNOU.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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