Is it necessary to submit all the assignments for IGNOU within the first semester?

IGNOU assignments

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the biggest open universities in the world. It offers numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate, and doctoral programs in a diverse range of subjects. IGNOU follows a continuous evaluation procedure, which means that students must submit assignments as part of the evaluation procedure. This permits teachers to evaluate students’ know-how of the route material in a higher manner.


In the primary semester of any software at IGNOU, college students are required to submit IGNOU assignments for all of the courses they have enrolled in. The assignments bring 25%–30% of the full marks allocated to every course. Completing and submitting assignments is mandatory within the IGNOU gadget.


Why are IGNOU assignments crucial?


IGNOU assignments are a necessary part of the study method and curriculum. Here are a few key reasons why college students must put up all assignments within the first semester:


  1. Helps in non-stop evaluation

As stated above, IGNOU follows a continuous assessment device. Assignments permit regular assessment of students during the instructional session. Teachers can gauge students’ subject understanding, analytical competencies, and command over ideas via assignments.


  1. Improves concern expertise

Working on assignments requires observation of materials, endorsed books, and different assets. This facilitates college students to delve deeper into standards and broaden their understanding of the challenge.


  1. Develop research and academic abilities

IGNOU assignments are application-based and analytical. Students want to consult numerous resources, conduct studies, observe ideas found out, and present their very own attitudes. This helps decorate essential instructional skills like studies, important wondering, and academic writing.


  1. Important for the final grade

Assignments convey 25–30% of the total marks for each route. Not submitting assignments can immediately impact the very last grade. To rate nicely, submitting all assignments is vital.


  1. Prepares for assessments

The mission questions are set with the exam sample in mind. Solving assignments facilitates students putting together concepts and sensible examinations.


  1. Completion of software requirements

Assignments are an obligatory application requirement at IGNOU. Only college students who have submitted the desired number of assignments can appear for the term-give-up examinations and complete this system.


How many assignments are required in the first semester?


  • The general variety of assignments varies as consistent with the program.


  • In a 6-credit path, college students should submit one mission.


  • For courses with extra credit, the number of assignments increases proportionately.


  • On average, college students are required to post 68 assignments within the first semester, depending on the credits enrolled.


  • Completing all assignments is critical for first-semester students.


How much time is given for submission?


  • Students need to post assignments by the stipulated due date supplied by IGNOU.


  • The IGNOU assignment submission closing date is noted within the venture e-book and college students’ portal.


  • On average, college students get around two to 3 months to complete and file every assignment.


  • Assignments are universally effective until the deadline. Late submissions aren’t entertained.


Where can I publish IGNOU assignments?


The method for submitting IGNOU assignments is simple. Students can post the assignments both online and offline:


Online submission


  • Students can scan and add the venture solution at the legitimate IGNOU assignment portal.
  • The portal allows short submissions from everywhere, 24×7.
  • Students get instantaneous acknowledgment of their submission.


Offline submission


  • Students can submit printed reproductions of assignments at precise study centers.
  • The observer center coordinator verifies and acknowledges the project submission.
  • Students should always maintain evidence of IGNOU assignment submissions for future reference.


How are assignments evaluated?


IGNOU assignments are evaluated by using experienced school individuals known as counselors. The evaluation system widely entails:


  • Thoroughly checking assignment answers in keeping with the marking scheme
  • Awarding marks based totally on how well the pupil has replied
  • Providing descriptive feedback and comments for development
  • Submitting the very last marks to the local center


It takes around 1–1.5 months for assignments to be evaluated and marks to be up-to-date. Students can take a look at their undertaking marks on the grade card.


What if a student misses submitting assignments?


Missing mission submission without a valid motive can result in the task being marked 0. This immediately impacts overall performance.


However, IGNOU does permit students to post assignments even after the due date with an overdue fee. But there may be a maximum cap of 50% overdue that may be paid consistent with the assignment.


Students are suggested not to overlook submitting IGNOU assignments. Completing assignments needs to be the most important thing in the first semester itself.




Submitting all assignments in the first semester is obligatory for every IGNOU student. The assignments are essential for mastering, growing instructional talents, and scoring properly. Students must diligently complete and post assignments before the due date. This contributes significantly toward effectively finishing the program necessities in an unbroken manner.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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