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How my IGNOU Project will be Provided After i place my Order?

As soon as you place the order you’ll receive a call from our project experts who will have a vast experience in that particular subject.
Then a WhatsApp Group will be created immediately post discussion where you’ll have the option to ask for a specific topic or else we’ll select best topic for you.
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Project Report:-
Once your synopsis is approved then we’ll begin with
Final Report/Dissertation  within 15-20 Days.
And Provide you end to end support through the WhatsApp group till Project approval & marks addition.

What if my IGNOU Project/Synopsis doesn’t got Approved?

Although this happens rarely still in some Center’s the guide/councellor is very strict in that case we’ll understand the requirements and provide you necessary edits and resend you the file. We’ll support you till final approval.

What is the IGNOU Project Report Structure?

Below are the major sections of the project. It is important to note that this is just a sample, and your project may differ slightly from this example.

  • Introduction
  • Historical Background
  • Literature Review
  • Objectives and
  • Delimitations
  • Research Methodology
  • Data Analysis and
  • Interpretation
  • Conclusions and
  • Suggestions for Further
  • Research
  • Bibliography
  • Certificate of Approval

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