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IGNOU Handwritten Assignments.

Hello, We Provide top-quality IGNOU Handwritten assignments  For Session 2024 which are handwritten uniquely on an order basis in the time frame of 5-6 Working days. These Assignments are (ready to submit) delivered by courier.We also provide premium quality solved PDFs.
  • IGNOU Galaxy is India’s No.1 Best IGNOU Handwritten assignments Service Provider [ 90+ Marks Assured Quality ].
  • Till now, we have delivered 87000+ IGNOU Handwritten assignments All OVER INDIA.
  • We Accept Cash on Delivery Also.
  • 10 Days Returns & 100% Refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the IGNOU Handwritten assignments.
  • WhatsApp No:_ 7745913167

IGNOU Handmade assignments which are beneficial for:-

  • People who are doing some part-time/full-time jobs.
  • Homemakers who don’t have much time to write the assignments.
  • Students who don’t have enough knowledge of how to write the assignments properly
  • Working, defence, professionals etc.

Benefits of IGNOU Handwritten Assignments :-

  • Our IGNOU Handwritten Assignments are written by subject matter experts who are professionals, e.g. If a student needs IGNOU Handmade assignments of BA/MA- It is given specifically to a MA degree holder only, which ensures that the content is of premium quality. In contrast, the work is assigned to those who don’t have basic grammatical knowledge on other websites.

  • The IGNOU Solved Assignments which we provide is also of the Highest Standards because after a certain number of downloads the content is automatically rephrased using our AI Based Technology.

  • We ensure proper word limits while making the IGNOU Handmade assignments. The IGNOU Handwritten Assignment made by us are neither copied from IGNOU materials nor any other guide books. It is sourced from multiple reference articles and Google, thereby ensuring  NO COPYRIGHT ISSUES to the Students.

  • IGNOU Solved Assignments are solved by subject matter expert and not directly copied from IGNOU Materials or IGNOU Guides.

  • Our 400+ handwriting sample and 100+ Subject matter experts ensure that the assignments look very premium quality, and the student ensures maximum marks of 90+.

For Ordering the IGNOU handmade assignments, Kindly Whatsapp the below number with your subject codes:- 7745913167


Our Premium Handwriting Samples

Our Premium Handwriting Samples

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100% Approval with Good Marks Assured Else Get a Reward Upto 10000/- That's How We Trust Our Team of Academic Experts
From Rs.350/- Each

Student Reviews & Feedback

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Features Of Our IGNOU Handwritten Assignments:-

Ordering IGNOU assignments from IGNOU Galaxy can offer several benefits to students. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Quality Assurance: IGNOU Galaxy is a reputed service provider specializing in IGNOU Handwritten assignments. By ordering assignments from us, students can be assured of receiving high-quality work. our services employ experts who are well-versed in the course material, ensuring accurate and comprehensive assignments.

  2. Time-Saving: Writing assignments can be a time-consuming process, especially for students with busy schedules. By ordering assignments from IGNOU Galaxy, students can save valuable time. The service takes care of researching, writing, and formatting the assignments, allowing students to focus on other academic or personal commitments.

  3. Error-Free Assignments: we ensure that the assignments they provide are free from grammatical and spelling errors. Our team conducts thorough proofreading and editing to deliver polished assignments. This attention to detail ensures that students submit assignments that are well-crafted and error-free.

  4. Adherence to Guidelines: IGNOU assignments come with specific guidelines regarding formatting, referencing, and word count. We are familiar with these guidelines and ensures that the assignments which we deliver adhere to them accurately. This saves students the hassle of learning and implementing the specific formatting requirements.

  5. Plagiarism-Free Work: Plagiarism is a serious offense that can have severe consequences. we at ignou galaxy take plagiarism seriously and guarantees that the assignments which we provide are original and plagiarism-free. We employ plagiarism detection tools to verify the authenticity of the content, giving students peace of mind when submitting their assignments.

  6. Customization Options: We at IGNOU Galaxy often offer customization options to cater to students’ individual needs. Students can provide additional instructions or specify any particular requirements they have for their assignments. This level of customization ensures that the assignments are tailored to meet the students’ specific expectations.

  7. Learning Resource: The assignments provided by Our IGNOU Galaxy Team can serve as valuable learning resources. Students can study these assignments to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. By analyzing the well-researched and insightful content, students can enhance their knowledge and improve their overall academic performance.

  8. Support and Assistance: IGNOU Galaxy team provides Execellent customer support to address any queries or concerns students may have. Students can seek assistance and clarification throughout the process of ordering assignments, ensuring a smooth experience.


How i Should Submit my Assignments?

After Receiving the Hardcopy Courrier  Wrrite your Name & Enrollment Number on bottom of Every page in Capital Letters As Per IGNOU Instructions And then Sign on the Front Page and then Proceed to submit via Google Form or Offline By Visiting center Preserve the Original Hardcopy of assignments because IGNOU Can Ask any time to submit it and Do not  Buy the copy paste Scan PDF which is circulating in the Internet at Local Websites & Telegram Groups It will lead to Rejection &  UFM Case.

How i should Place my order?

To Order the Assignments Follow these steps:-

  1. Fill the Order Form 
  2. Click On Next Fill Your Address 
  3. Proceed To Checkout.
  4. After Payment Remain on same page “Don’t Close the Tab” and Screenshot your invoice bill.

How Other Websites are charging less price and some are charging higher prices?

Few local websites are charging lesser prices like 150,200,220,250,300  however they deceive students by sending colour-photocopy of handwritten assignments Even Some websites are charging very high like 400,450 (due to fake marketing & Advertisement expenditure) These websites are totally commercial and they are providing substandard assignments mostly readymade and not customised & unique assignments which we Provide  These Fraudulent websites jeopardise the career of students. Beware of Frausters. At IGNOU GALAXY We work for your academic enhancement efficiently.

After How many Days Of Order will I get My Assignments?

All IGNOU Handwritten Assignments will be delivered within 5-6 Days in a single packet through Fast Couriers Like Bluedart, Delhivery, DTDC Etc For Metro Cities And Tier 2 Towns  For Rural Areas Kindly Prefer Prepaid Mode As Govt India Post Speed Post service is better in Rural Areas 

Will All IGNOU Assignments be in the Same Handwriting?

All IGNOU handwritten Assignments will be in Same Handwriting Written By same Subject Matter Expert ensuring uniformity in assignments.

Are they ready to submit Assignments or I have to do anything?

After the IGNOU handwritten assignments are delivered you just have to sign it write few details like enrollment number etc (where the spaces are kept blank) and submit it directly. 

How Many Marks i will score with these assignments?

Almost Every Student who have ordered from IGNOU Galaxy Have Got 90+ Marks because of premium Quality IGNOU Assignments. However, Marks Depend 60% On Assignment Quality & 40% On your relationship and conduct with the lectures of study centre as assignments are checked there. 

Will I face Any Handwriting Mismatch or Rejection Issue If I submit these Assignments?

Well If you Buy Substandard IGNOU Assignments from other websites it will be rejected because they provide a similar type of assignment and different handwriting.
However, at IGNOU Galaxy we have 500+ Writers Each writers Is Assigned For a Particular work hence uniqueness and Uniform Handwriting is Ensured. Our Assignments looks like it is written by some very hardworking & Dedicated Student in same handwriting. Hence we Assure 100% Guarantee Approval/90+ Marks Thats how we trust our efficient Team.

 How many pages will be there in an IGNOU Assignment?

We Follow IGNOU Standard Marking Scheme For Every Assignment as each IGNOU Handwritten assignments are written according to that you need not to worry about word limit etc 

 What is the weightage of IGNOU Handwritten Assignments in the Overall Grade Card?

The Weightage is as follows
Assignments:- 30%
TEE Exams:- 70%

 Will You Provide Front Page in this Order Package?

Yes, We will Provide front page too with the IGNOU Assignments

 What i should Select in Number of IGNOU Assignments?

Number of IGNOU Assignments depends on the number of cource codes selected by you 
For Example BA 1st Year Usually there are 8 codes so No of Assignments is 8 , MA Eng The First year has 4 codes Hence Number of Assignments are 4 And So On.

 Which Paper I Should select A4 Plane Sheet or A4 Ruled Sheets?

Well, This is the Unique Feature of IGNOU GALAXY Wherein we also provide you with the type of pages as per your requirements. Generally, Most of the IGNOU Handwritten Assignments Submitted In Delhi NCR And Nearby Areas Are In A4 Ruled Sheets Hence you must prefer it 

✅ I am Confused about my IGNOU Assignment Session.

IGNOU Assignments Session Depends on the month in which you have taken admission If you have enrolled in January 2o22 Admission Cycle then Select January 2022

Why i Should Order from IGNOU GALAXY Although some people are providing it less price also?

Well, It’s not something you should weigh from a money perspective it’s your career your entire life depends on it Getting this crucial work done by Inexperienced and commercial websites will hamper your academic scores drastically which will affect your future. Even if you plan to do it on your own without proper knowledge it will be disastrous. Hence Always Trust us And our generous pricing Our Highley experienced academic team is keen towards their work thereby ensuring top Marks in the IGNOU Handwritten assignments. 

If you wish to download IGNOU Solved Assignments Pdf Click here 

If you want Guidance for Making Project Report Click Here

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