How do I post my IGNOU Assignments?

IGNOU Assignments

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is considered one of the largest open universities in the world. IGNOU offers numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate, and doctoral applications through distance learning. As a pupil of IGNOU, you’re required to post assignments as part of the evaluation procedure. Submitting IGNOU assignments on time is vital to keeping up with the timetable and getting appropriate grades. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to submit IGNOU assignments effectively:

Getting the assignments

The first step is to obtain the undertaking questions and submission guidelines. IGNOU assignments are normally uploaded to the college’s internet site beneath the Student Support section. You can visit the internet site and download the undertaking questions applicable to your program and courses. The submission suggestions offer vital information like the venture submission cut-off date, word limit, formatting commands, and so on. Read through these cautiously before you start trying the IGNOU assignments.

Preparing the Assignments

Once you have the venture questions, it’s time to prepare the answers. The IGNOU assignments check your understanding of the ideas blanketed inside the route substances. Thoroughly examine the observation materials, extra reading resources, and other reference content cautioned. Make sure you understand the subjects and ideas associated with the assignment questions. Plan your answers, shape them logically, and start writing. Ensure your solutions are authentic and not copied from any source. Adhere to the phrase limit and formatting guidelines stated. You can seek advice from IGNOU project samples to get a concept; however, keep away from copying content.

Formatting the IGNOU Assignments

Proper formatting is vital for preparing IGNOU assignments. You must observe the hints provided for font style and size, margins, spacing, header/footer, web page restriction, document layout, etc. Failing to follow the formatting commands can lead to the deduction of marks. Generally, you want to type IGNOU assignments on A4-sized pages with 1.5-line spacing using the Times New Roman 12-factor font. Maintain 1-inch margins on all aspects. Number the pages and include information like enrollment variety, course code, and regional center on a header or footer. Save the assignment as a PDF report until it is detailed otherwise.

Including Necessary Elements

Certain elements ought to be a part of your IGNOU assignments. You ought to consist of a cover page with venture information, a table of contents, and a bibliography or references at the end. The cowl page needs to genuinely mention the route code, task number, your information, and regional center details. The table of contents lists the question-smart page numbers. A bibliography needs to list the resources referenced in APA or MLA format. Your IGNOU assignments ought to incorporate those factors, in keeping with university hints.

Proofreading and editing

Before filing the IGNOU assignments, make certain you very well proofread and edit them. Check for any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Read through the answer and check when you have answered all elements of the question efficiently. See if the answers float properly and are clean to apprehend. Refine the IGNOU venture, make corrections, and enhance it as much as feasible. You can get help from friends or specialists while enhancing the assignments.

Submitting Online

The common way to post IGNOU assignments is online through the university’s portal. You need to upload a gentle copy of the undertaking to the portal earlier than the deadline. The PDF record ought to be within the allowed length limit (e.g. 2MB). Log in to the portal using your credentials, go to the assignment phase, select your application or path, and add the PDF report successfully. You will get an auto-generated acknowledgment once IGNOU assignments are effectively submitted online.

Submitting Offline

You can opt for offline submission of IGNOU assignments at your regional center. Take two to three printed copies of the mission and publish them before the deadline in the office. The copies must be signed by you on each page. Obtain the acknowledgment receipt from the office as proof of submitting the IGNOU assignments offline. You can also submit the broadcast assignments through speed or registered mail addressed to the Regional Director.

Keeping Records

You must maintain records of undertaking submissions yourself too. Keep smooth and rough copies of the assignments submitted online or offline. Save the evidence of submission, like an e-mail or postal acknowledgment, or a courier receipt. This will help if there are any problems later with the IGNOU assignment assessment. You can touch the Regional Center and give your proof if you want.


Submitting IGNOU assignments properly on time is prime for timely evaluation and proper grades. Follow the step-by-step guide blanketed right here correctly for preparing and submitting IGNOU assignments. Seek guidance from student support if you have any doubts. Planning and putting a powerful effort into IGNOU assignments will help you carry them out properly academically.

Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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