Does IGNOU provide online classes for MJMC?

IGNOU online classes for MJMC

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one of the main distance-learning universities in India. It offers a huge range of undergraduate, postgraduate, degree, certificate, and doctoral packages in numerous disciplines. One of the popular publications presented with the aid of IGNOU is MJMC (Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication). There has been a commonplace query among students concerning whether IGNOU presents online instructions for its MJMC program.


What is MJMC at IGNOU?


The MJMC, or Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, is a 2- to 12-month postgraduate program provided with the aid of IGNOU beneath the School of Journalism and New Media Studies. The IGNOU online elegance for MJMC focuses on supplying an in-depth understanding of numerous aspects of journalism and mass media. Some of the important topics covered in this course encompass press laws, advertising, radio broadcasting, TV production, media management, public relations, online journalism, and so on. The program aims to increase crucial knowledge of media and its social duties.


IGNOU Online Support for MJMC


As a main distance learning university, IGNOU utilizes diverse online modes to deliver learner-aid offerings for the MJMC program. Some of the net facilities furnished for college students enrolled in the IGNOU online class at MJMC include:


Digital Study Material: The complete look-at fabric for the course is available in a virtual format for easy access. Students can download the e-content material online via the IGNOU e-gyankosh portal.


Audio-Video Lectures: IGNOU has particularly created audio and video content for the MJMC software that’s streamed online through the Gyan Darshan channel and Gyan Vani radio.


Teleconferencing Sessions: To supplement the self-examine material, IGNOU organizes live teleconferencing periods through situational professionals at diverse nearby centers. These are also simulcast online.

Web-based Academic Counseling: Students have the availability to interact with academic counselors and get application-associated queries resolved through the Students Support Services online portal 


Digital Library Access: Students can get the right of entry to useful online databases, e-journals, files, and online libraries for reference purposes.

So, even as IGNOU does not now provide full-fledged online instructions with live lectures for the MJMC software inside the strict experience, diverse online tutorials, counseling services, and digital resources facilitate effective distance learning.


Features of the Online Support System


Some of the biggest benefits of the online scholar help mechanism supplied for the IGNOU online magnificence for MJMC are:


Self-paced Learning: Students can access examination materials, recorded video training, and many others. At their very own pace and comfort. This allows for more personalized schedule learning.


Up-to-date Content: The digitized learning resources for the MJMC direction guarantee that students have access to modern-day content via online entry.


Enhanced Interactivity: Online counseling capabilities, dialogue boards, and chat alternatives enable high stages of actual-time interactions and query resolutions


Tech-enabled Support: Technology allows IGNOU to provide seamless learner support services to its widespread student base. This is a huge gain for distance beginners.


Cost-powerful System: Online getting-to-know mechanisms make accessing terrific schooling less expensive for rookies due to decreased funding requirements.


Wider Accessibility: Remote or mobile access to options coupled with internet availability helps increase the reach of IGNOU MJMC software across cities as well as rural parts of India. 


In a nutshell, with several online gear, platforms, and resources, IGNOU ensures that distance barriers or bodily separation no longer affect the first-rate education supplied through its popular MJMC application. It ensures strong whenever and everywhere instructional assistance that is customizable and consistent with scholar necessities. So while stay-on-line classes are not provided, IGNOU is constantly expanding its scope of online education with advances in technology.


Scope for Improvement


While IGNOU affords a range of online learning services for the MJMC software, there’s nevertheless scope for upgrades in keeping with evolving virtual schooling models globally. Some additions that could increase the IGNOU online magnificence for MJMC are:


  • Live Online Tutorials through Web-Conferencing Equipment
  • Virtual labs for specialized packages
  • Gamified Learning via Simulation Tools
  • Digital libraries equipped with global journals
  • Immersive Learning Experience through AR/VR
  • AI-based, totally personalized learning and mentoring

By harnessing emerging ed-tech innovations, IGNOU can increase existing online academic facilities to provide an upgraded and international-elegance study experience for MJMC aspirants. It will help enhance its competitive function as a leader in the open distance learning domain.




To conclude, even though IGNOU does not currently offer dedicated online live classes for its MJMC program, it has a comprehensive online guide system to facilitate learning from anywhere. Students are given access to virtual examination cloth, video content, online counseling, web-based total libraries, dialogue boards, and more. By utilizing advancing technologies, IGNOU plans to continuously enhance interactive learning options to, in addition, bridge the space-getting-to-know gaps. Considering the fee and reach benefits, strengthening technology integration with the instructional curriculum could be a first-rate priority going forward. This shall empower distance newcomers with first-class, low-priced, and flexible ways to learn about possibilities for specialized packages like MJMC.


Each and every course in IGNOU has Assignments in it for which SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS for IGNOU students is available (solved assignments) which should be in IGNOU HANDWRITTEN ASSIGNMENT ( handwritten assignments ) format. Also for a few courses like Master’s Degree there are IGNOU PROJECT AND SYNOPSIS (project and synopsis) too.


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