Did students pass their second attempt at IGNOU?

second attempt at IGNOU

Getting admission to IGNOU on the second attempt at the exams is a common occurrence for many students. But the question is, have the students passed when they resit the exams at IGNOU? This article explores the answer.

What is IGNOU?

IGNOU, or Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a leading distance education university in India. It provides educational opportunities to millions of students across the country and abroad through open and distance education. Students can apply to IGNOU at different times throughout the year.

IGNOU allows students multiple attempts to clear the exams. If students do not receive a passing grade on the first attempt, they are given a second, third, and sometimes fourth and fifth attempt. But what percentage ends up passing on the second try?

The first attempt failure rate of IGNOU exams

A significant percentage of students do not clear the IGNOU exams on their first attempt. Estimates typically range from a 30–50% failure rate for first-attempt exams. This means that they did not get the minimum number of points required to pass the papers.

Common reasons for failure include:

  • Does not devote enough time to studying
  • Enrollment in too many courses
  • Misunderstanding of study materials
  • Anxiety and stress tests
  • Illness or personal problems

This is why it is very popular to take IGNOU admission again on a second attempt. But many people wonder if it makes sense to try again. Let’s analyze the data.

Pass percentage in second attempts

Fortunately, the pass percentage increases dramatically during the second attempt at the exam. Studies estimate that the pass rate jumps to 60–80% for students who retake the exams.

There are several key reasons behind these improved scores:

  • Better understanding of paper expectations
  • More targeted preparation for exams
  • Better course load management
  • Have experience from the first attempt
  • Lower stress and anxiety

In addition, students may be exempt from papers they have previously taken in their second, third, or fourth attempt. This reduces the overall load of the course and further increases the chances of passing the papers on the second attempt

Some students also switch to an “easier” degree program after unsuccessful initial attempts. Admission to IGNOU for such alternative programs also leads to a higher pass rate on the second attempt.

So even though the first-attempt failure rate in IGNOU is high, data shows that students who try again greatly improve their chances of success by getting marks in the second attempt.

IGNOU Support Systems for Second-Attempt Students

IGNOU offers several support systems specifically aimed at students who are taking exams in a second attempt to improve their chances:

  1. Counseling Session: In-person, telephone, or online counseling helps students identify weaknesses and improve exam strategy.
  2. Extended access to the library: Students can issue more books for a longer period.
  3. Additional practice tests: New mock tests and previous-year questions help practice.
  4. Remedial Coaching: Short-term local coaching courses help weak students.

Utilizing such support mechanisms available after admission to IGNOU for second-attempt papers increases the likelihood of students passing the papers as compared to the first attempt.

Real student examples of second-attempt success

Rhea Sharma, 27, of Delhi, failed the B.Com. exams in the first attempt. In her words, “I didn’t devote enough hours to self-study.” After being admitted to IGNOU again, she adjusted her schedule, relied on counselors, and passed on her second attempt. “The key differences were better strategies and reduced anxiety,” she says.

Jim Matthew took too many courses in his first year of undergraduate studies while working full-time. This led him to fail in two crucial papers. In his second B.Ed. attempt, he reduced his study load, strictly followed the study schedule, and scored significantly better marks. “I focused on my weaknesses,” she explains.

The examples of Rhea and Jim demonstrate the experiences of most second-time students. With more focused preparation and a better-balanced course load, their scores and outlook improved significantly compared to their first attempts.


The data and anecdotal evidence are clear: students who get into IGNOU on the second attempt usually have a more than 60% chance of clearing their papers because they are better prepared. IGNOU’s counseling and remedial systems also enable them to study more effectively than first-time test takers.

So, while failure at the beginning can be disappointing, it should not discourage students. A second serious attempt with the benefit of experience usually leads to success as students overcome past mistakes.

With wise course choices, regulated preparation schedules, and reduced anxiety facilitated by counselors, second-year students perform significantly better in IGNOU exams as compared to their initial attempts. Taking advantage of IGNOU admission in the second attempt will pay off for most of the students who failed in the first attempt. 


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